Hi, I'm Catherine!

I am little, outgoing, hardworking, driven, and naturally blonde (well, sort of) . I love laughing about Reality TV almost as much as I love watching it, I can swim better than I can run - and I'm legitimately terrified of cats. Terrified.

I graduated from Bryant University with a BSBA in Marketing what feels like forever ago. Now, I sell wine.

I started this whole thing as a space where I could share my thoughts with the world (well, duh- and although my life has taken a few more exciting, busy turns - I am finally back. Better than ever. With a few twists.

I still love the Red Sox, think the ocean is significantly better than any lake, struggle to fit my thoughts in the 140 characters Twitter claims is enough, and wish I could anchor just one episode of "Weekend Update" on SNL.

However I also love to make people laugh. Or smile. Or both. So I've added a new section here, Bravo, covering the thing that I personally turn to when I want either of the two.

For specifics on things I've done, check out my resume and portfolio sections.

For my thoughts, commentary, wit, and charm,  you can still check out my opinion section.  I will continue to write like this, I promise.;)

I hope you find something here you like! Oh, and nice to meet you, too.

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Everything You Need To Know Before the Southern Charm Reunion Tonight

Condensing things, wether they be Twitter statuses or titles, has never been my forte. There are very few things I have the privilege of being able to say I have known since their conception. My brother, Instagram, Vanderpump Rules and Southern Charm.  *buckle your seatbelts & get some snacks for when Vanderpump Rules comes back on TV. …

About Me


I love to smile.

My favorite pictures are the ones I’ve taken where I’m so happy you think my eyes are closed and my chin is titled slightly up because I’m half-laughing. I prefer watching TV in real time because I don’t like feeling like I’m pausing my life, and I believe commercials are the perfect excuse to talk. My favorite movie, to this day, is “Dodgeball”, and I have never seen “Love Actually”, nor do I want to.

I know too many words to Kanye West’s songs for somebody who loves Taylor Swift, care too much about people who can’t all be helped at once, and listen just as much as I talk.

I can tend to be a little all over the place sometimes, but wherever I am, I’m all in. I love hard, fall hard, and get back up harder (is there a better way to say this? suggestions are welcome).

I laugh at least 7 times a day, approximately. I try and make at least 11 people smile a day, respectively.

These are some pictures of me in places close to my heart, with people close to my heart.

I’m a very, very lucky girl.


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Business Projects


My first project at college dealt with answering the simple question of where to place a “City Target” in the United States. While most teams thought of this a geographic question, I lead my team to create an array of customers, lifestyles, and stories to present as our final project.


Through careful demographic and psychographic research, we realized that the primary customers of a San Fransicso “City Target” would be young, environmentally friendly workers. They were on the go, but cared about what they put in their bodies, and how those bodies left footprints on the earth. Immediately, I began to flesh out these characters. They lived with partners, but didn’t need to be married – they had pets, larger dogs even though they resided in the city, they were active, they were smart, and they were money conscious. They were perfect.


With that information, I pitched not only the location of “City Target”, but the commercial. A Frisbee game, in the park, in the middle of the workday. A friend would catch the Frisbee, once thrown, laughing. The camera zoomed in, the Frisbee turned into the Target Bullseye – and the message was clear – ‘Target, Creating Connections”.  It was hit.


Through presenting an Ad Campaign that not only chose the San Francisco area – but also expanded to brand the very franchise of “City Target” through a 30 second commercial, we won the school-wide competition. Since then, I’ve been hooked.


This past fall I completed my senior-level Marketing Research class. As most classes Bryant offers, it was centered around in-class learning and out-of-class application. We were assigned a Research Project at the beginning of the semester, with randomized teammates, a large amount of work, and endless subject possibilities. As always, I was over the moon with the idea of working on a larger scale project, but a little nervous about the whole random-assignment-of teammates scenario.


My team consisted of myself, a collegiate athlete, three commuters that didn’t know one another, and an extremely involved underclassmen. It was apparent at our very first meeting that we would never be able to meet as a team all at once. I got to thinking.


I looked around the room and tried to think of the best way to properly engage all of us – this was a project that could not have been completed on one’s own – and I believed that with the proper research subject, I could keep everyone committed, excited, and efficient. It was at that very moment I realized how athletic my group looked, and everything fell into place.


“Why don’t we research different types of Athleisure?” I suggested, “We could take a range of data, from the expensive athletic wear college athletes are more attuned to wearing, to the more affordable clothing that most college students wear not only to the gym, but to class?” At that moment, I had never been more proud. My team engaged, everyone volunteering for different roles – I figured we would have the samples already accessible, through how different each one of us were – and I was right. I found a way to make our difference our strongest weapon.


The last day of class we all presented our findings. I watched as some of the shyer of my group members shined, and smiled as I realized all of the hard work everyone had put in. It is hard to get everyone engaged, to truly break down any sort of project – anyone who says otherwise is lying. However here we were, a united front, successful.


Through understanding difference, thinking creatively, and communicating effectively, I was able to mobilize a group of college students to help create an attractive offering. Thus far, my work with that group is one of the most proud work I have done. Motivating others and creating an idea that attracts an array of customers is a task I look forward to having the opportunity to do sometime very soon.

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