On Gingerbread Lattes

Currently, I am sitting at a Starbucks pop-up in the Providence Place Mall. I got lost going here, twice, probably due to the fact that I am going here in an attempt to save my sad, shattered phone.

After one long negotiation with possibly the most rude and insensitive greeter in the world!! (I am a 21 year old in 2016 a broken phone is NOT A JOKE SARAH), a few tears with my new friends at the Genius Bar, and a quick trip to Ghirardelli for some free samples – my phone is finally in surgery. Prayers are accepted at this time. No, I am not joking.

But also no, this is not intended to be just another post complaining about what can only be described as the most frustrating store set-up in the world, nor is it a post about the fact that in 2016, I could barely get to the Providence Place Mall without Google Maps (ugh those annoying, tech obsessed millennials, am I right???) – this is a post about the man in front of me in Starbucks, with baggy jeans and a ratty sweatshirt, who just made my day.

No, we are not in love, nor will we fall in love, or meet again on a bus or train – honestly, we will probably never meet again at all.

Not having my phone today made me remember how little I am (not talking height here people) and how big I should be – I was oddly proud of myself for taking care of this on my own, subconsciously thankful for parents who still pick up the phone when I call from other numbers crying, and honestly overall pretty exhausted. Its been a long 24 hours.

When I arrived at this Starbucks pop-up, I was frustrated, tired, and lonely. I took one look at the people in front of me in line and scoffed at the baggy jeans and ratty sweatshirt, internally judging the man and his partner for taking so much time to order and rudely wondering what they were even doing here. Very unlike me, but necessary to share all the same – you see, just when my mind turned mean, the man turned around.

He smiled, urging me to go in front of him and his tattooed friend – they were still figuring out what to order, giggling at the menu – and I instantly relaxed.

I find it interesting how hard it is to convey some emotions through text, happiness and kindness as two very important ones. The kindness that this stranger showed me didn’t end when he turned around – I offered advice on my favorite drink, the Gingerbread Latte – and went to sit down at a table and wait.

A few minutes went by as I shuffled out my belongings, and I looked up to check if my drink was ready. It had been put aside, safe from the order snaggers (they are real, I swear) – and to my dismay, saved by my friend in line. He explained that it had been ready for a few minutes, and he had told the baristas that I was just getting my things, that I’d be up in a minute – asking for a little patience, my way.

I am aware how weird this situation sounds, or how seemingly mundane this entire exchange may be. However, to me, that simple act of kindness made me smile. It made me want to share.

I guess what I just want to remind whoever is reading this that kindness does go a long way – and maybe the next person you remember a little thing about, the next person you let cut you in a line or make laugh in a waiting room will write about you, too.

Oh, and also, if you’re looking for a good Starbucks drink – try the Gingerbread Lattes.


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