On Silence

Hey! Me again. Hope you’ve all had wonderful weekends. Even if you didn’t, today’s weather is finally brisk! The best weather in the land! Wahoo!


Let’s talk about silence. First of all, I’d like to admit the fact that I love Taylor Swift. Like, a lot. Not because of her hair or her outfits or her vocal range either – I love Taylor Swift because I honestly love most of her songs. Yes, I mean literally almost all of them.


Taylor Swift tends to be a controversial topic nowadays, which I find to be a funny sentence.


If you think about it, or at least, if I think about it, Taylor Swift has kinda always been a controversial topic during all-a-days(?). She’s been too; “rude”, “entitled”, “passive aggressive”, “crazy”, “shallow”, “dumb”, “untalented”, “obnoxious”, “blonde” – she’s literally even been called too tall?! She’s been called a lot, but with all of that, she hasn’t been called one thing;




And that very thing is why I love her. It’s the reason I listened to “Bad Blood” millions of times even though I just don’t ~vibe~ with the hook (sorry, Tay). It’s the reason I defend her to people I barely know, the reason it took me a while to admit to liking Kanye West, the reason I was tormented over admitting to enjoy listening to John Mayer (STILL A JERK), the reason I’m so happy when I see her succeed.


She is so many things, but silent isn’t one of them.


And no, this isn’t meant to be a fan page for Taylor Swift (not that I wouldn’t ever in the future write one #mygirl #13) but an encouragement for anyone and everyone who knows a little, a lot, or even nothing about her at all.

Whether you hate her, love her, think she’s certifiable or overrated, by thinking anything you’re admitting you know who she is. And I want you to hold onto that feeling for a second.


Each and every one of you has a reason for being here. Each and every one of you is going to, at one point or another, make an impact on this planet. You quite literally already have, with the whole breathing-out-CO2-thing, but I believe wholeheartedly your futures are more than just gas. As much as I believe all of that, I want to remind you of something.


Nobody ever made history by being silent.


And yeah, I know some of you bitterly reading this (thank you for the views) are going to be all “ACTUALLY THERE WAS ONE TIME WHERE SO AND SO WAS SILENT AND THE WORLD WAS BETTER AND LIKE THEY DIDN’T TALK SO LIKE YOU’RE WRONG” and that’s totally fine.


Rather, I’d like to thank you all for helping with this exercise.


People have made history who literally couldn’t speak. I can admit that. Moreover, I raise you this, I don’t think you need to speak in order not to be silent. HA! Take that!


Take this for example, I’m typing. I’m not even speaking out loud. My fingers are speaking (is that a thing) and I will soon proofread this, post this, and BAM. Silence over this topic shattered! Hopefully, people reached!


What I mean to say is this. Everyday we are faced with situations and people and challenges that test our opinions and morals and feelings. And it’s cool, and it’s fun. Life is, that is.


Breaking silence causes change always, and I think that’s why most people shy away from doing it – because change, to them, means controversy. And I agree, it can. And I agree, that isn’t fun all the time.


Sometimes, I believe, we forget how powerful silence can be. Most times, I believe, we forget that being silent in the face of adversity that tests your morals or opinions or feelings can be just as powerful. Just as painful.


It’s not easy, as we’ve all come to understand that the most “right” things tend not to be. But as all “right” things tend to be, it is most definitely worth it.


It can be as simple as texting to include the shy kid from your class in your plans, as natural as going out of your way to thank a worker you see colleagues disrespecting, as genuine as handwriting a card to someone you care about in a time of need.


Take it from a bratty college girl who had her Gingerbread Latte defended by kind stranger in November, however you choose to break it, it makes a difference.


In the words of my dear friend Taylor, “Speak Now”. (I just had to)


Thinking of you all



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