On Trust Falls (RHOC Season 13 Ep. 1)

Hello lightness, my old friend.

Is it just me, or was the last season of Real Housewives of Orange County missing something, or someone? With hexagonal shaped iced and an affinity for champs maybe? If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times (especially in the past few weeksBRING BACK HEATHER DUBROW. BRING HER BACK. 

A girl can dream.

Anyway, ever since Heather dismissed Kelly Dodd from Meghan King Edmunds’ (who I would bet a million dollars would have bullied me if I went to highschool with her) pre-in-vitro party, the Real Housewives of Orange County have been a little, lackluster. Which was internally killing me. You see, these are the OG Real Housewives, the first city to have that jingle introductions, hold fruits in the title scene – this specific sect of the Real Housewives franchise is quite literally the pioneer to all of the best things that graced my life. Kidding. But really.

As I sit here writing this, I am re-watching old episodes of this very franchise like I always do to feel comfortable. These women have had the most hilarious scenes, wonderful vacations, but also the strongest, most realistic friendships I have ever seen portrayed on television. I’ve seen each and every episode a handful of times and even with that, the episode on screen right now still brings me to tears. It’s the one where Vicky’s mom dies. I have never been able to watch this without crying. I am lucky enough to have my mother on this earth with me, and I am very aware that not everyone has such luck. I have not yet had to relate to this scene in the most basic, humanistic way that you do when you see somebody go through something you never thought you could make through yourself. However, I still cry. Sob cry. Like my stomach is currently in my throat and I already have a headache kind of cry. Need my mom cry.

With all the laughter and fun this show includes I’m not lying when I say that its imperative that it stays on air because it moves people. These are real people. With real lives. Regardless of how elaborate they seem on television these people have been cast for a wide array of reasons but I can’t help but think they were kept onscreen because of a little bit of how real they are. People need to see other people going through things sometimes, so people don’t feel alone. You know?

Anyway I really love this show and have been only semi-stressed with the dullness of the past season. However, after watching this first episode I am proud to announce that MY LADIES ARE BACK!

I’ve worried about Shannon Beador for the past two seasons on account of the fact that I haven’t liked her at all. I really wanted to, but there was just something about the pretending-to-be-okay-while-lashing-out-at-people-who-didn’t-deserve-it-behavior that was rubbing me the wrong way. My heart broke for the crap her legitimate creep of a husband put her through, but I felt like that friend who wanted more for her friend while her friend wasn’t going to change anything about her current situation even though she like, could and it was frustrating and I was over it. Anyway, she’s cut the shit now, and I literally love her from what I’ve already seen.

I would rather watch somebody not be okay and be themselves than pretend to be okay and try to put one over on me, you know? And I feel like this season is setting us up for a lot of realness and therefore a lot of fun.

Meghan King Edmunds is no longer on the show, nor is Lydia or Peggy. We have two new girls but have only met the lawyer who was proposed to on Google Chat. Can’t make that up. Her husband, not so surprisingly, gives me the creeps.

I’ll let you know how I feel about the other new girl once I meet her, which I believe will be tonight (or tomorrow whenever I get to the episode).

All in all, the girls are back, better than ever, and I highly suggest you keep up (if you haven’t decided to already).

Let me know what you think!



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