On Woopin’ It Up

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times; Bravo is quite literally the best network on television. Emmy worthy at least. I am not kidding when I tell you all I found myself in a heated verbal altercation with the Comcast Network over the severity of my addiction to Bravo once I moved out. They said I couldn’t have it in my television package, I told them I would rather go the entirety of my life wearing wet socks under my shoes than pay even a cent for dull, unfunny, forced programming that dreams of the day that it preludes a “Watch What Happens Live”. We worked something out.

I don’t have a clear idea what I want for this blog in regards to overall theme as I age. I know that I have officially paid money to own this for the next 2 years (buckle in, folks!!!). I know that overthinking is the thief of good ideas & progress (thanks, #BryantIDEA!!) . I know I like to make people happy, laugh, and feel good about themselves (can I get any more humble? It really is hard being this perfect) – and I know that I could quite literally talk about any and all Bravo programming for the rest of my life forever and live content.

So I’m gonna start writing again (duh, you’ve read this) but I’m gonna try and be a little more relaxed in the whole format thing and a whole lot more real on what I write about. Hard hitting journalism. A real Barbara Walters experience. Nitty gritty only. Buckle your seatbelts, folks.

Let’s talk about Vicki Gunvalson.

Born Victoria Stienmez in Chicago, Illinois (yeah, I looked this shit up) Vicki Gunvalson is the OG Housewife. And I mean OG, like first season of the first season (say that three times fast) of Real Housewives Housewife OG. And she’s still here. And she kicks ass. And she takes names. And she WHOOPS IT UP.

Between her dirty martinis, clean catch phrases (see what I did there), and tumultuous dating life, this self-made woman is my legitimate obsession. It is a STONE COLD FACT that every Real Housewives City has a strong matriarch (if you didn’t know, now you know) and Victoria Anne is the crisp orange in the center of the OC. She is an icon. A treasure. My hero

#RHOC returned last night, and since I’m 89 years old I was in bed during the premiere – so I’m going to watch it right after I post (CLICKBAIT IF I’VE EVER SEEN IT TO TUNE BACK IN FOR MY THOUGHTS) – but if you have a sense of humor/appreciation for the arts and were intrigued by that little bio of the goddess of Coto, start telling your remote to take you to Bravo already. Like now. You’ll thank me later.





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    1. Thank you so much!! I will keep writing about Bravo as long as it graces my cable. Thank you for reading and reaching out 🙂

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